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First time painting again since finishing Art IB in highschool.  Its been a while!  The interesting thing though, is that even though I haven’t done any paintings since high school, I can still see some growth comparing this piece to my old work.

Started this painting this a couple weeks ago, and made decent progress in just a couple days at was pretty much at a completion point.  But then I hit a roadblock, and wasn’t pleased with anything I did with the background, so I left it for about two weeks.  Ideas just came to mind today again, so I spent a couple hours this afternoon finishing it up.  I am actually very pleased with the outcome!

Oil paint on canvas.


And a couple closer up detail shots,



01.  ”Once Upon A Time”, September 2009.  First project at the beginning of Art IB.  Oil and acrylic on canvas.

02.  ”Infinity”, September 2009.  Acrylic paint on wood. 

03.  ”Alice in Wonderland”, October 2009.  3D, mixed media on wood.

04.  ”The Spectrum”, November 2010.  Cardel Art-a-Thon project!  Oil paint on canvas.

05.  ”Reflections”, November 2010.  Oil and acrylic paint on canvas.

06.  ”Chaos”, September 2011.  Oil and tissue paper on canvas.

07.  ”Ballerina”, October 2011.  Oil on canvas.

07.  ”The Little Mermaid”, November 2011.  Graphite and pencil crayon on Mayfair.


08.  ”Little Red Riding Hood”, November 2011.  3D.  Watercolor pencil on Mayfair on top of matte board.

09.  ”Fairytale”, February 2011.  Pencil crayon, fabric, ribbon and wire on Mayfair.

10.  ”Rapunzel”, March 2011.  Graphite and watercolor on matte board.

11.  ”Animal Within”, April 2011.  Acrylic paint on canvas.

12.  ”The End”, Self Portrait, April 2011.  Graphite on Mayfair.

13.  ”Golden”, May 2011.  Graphite and gold pen on mayfair.  This one technically wasn’t part of the IB theme set that the previous 12 projects were for, but i’m just posting it here with the rest since I drew it just for fun after the art exam was over!