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july travels

Packing for Peru, for ten days of nonstop sketching and photo taking and all that other great travel stuff.  Also (kind of) putting off packing by starting to sketch in a new book, because the fresh pages are just so tempting.  Spending the last few hours in Calgary loading up on sketching inspiration and music for the plane. We’ll see what interesting creations come out at the end of the twelve+ hour travel day!



View on Lookbook: ARTSY

Sketchbook doodles!  One thing that I love so much about them is that they’re a great way to occupy a few hours and just let my mind wander.

One week left of winter break until I head back to school. I’ve been throwing all this free time i’ve had so far into drawing and painting.  Just finished an oil painting (which is the first painting i’ve done since graduating high school!), and actually immediately started another one the day after.  Feels like its going to be difficult to switch my brain back in to a numbers/math mindset for when my classes start up again since its been so much on the artsy side recently!