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Recently teamed up with two other wonderful girls, Brina and Brit on an exciting blogging project.  ethreeone. is the start of a new network to empower women through fashion in the professional world.  Check out the website to read a bit more about it!  We will be looking to feature other bloggers in the very near future as well, so feel free to contact me if you are interested in being featured and would like to hear more.

dress and rings c/o yesfor, rag & bone newbury boots

In collaboration with Yesfor, I chose to mix their girly and drapey chiffon dress with a bit more of the signature grunge I tend to gravitate towards, in the chunky black boots.  I’m not really one to wear much pink (or much colour at all, actually), but there’s something about the pale blush shades that i’m sort of drawn towards.  Especially when it’s mixed with black.  

Forever searching for more loose black dresses with tiny straps - slip dresses please join my family.  

On a different note, i’ve been married to my bed, painkillers, and calculators the past few days due to having my wisdom teeth removed and a quickly approaching actuarial exam date coming up.  Planning for this week to be a bit more eventful, as its the last week in Calgary before heading back to school for the final year.  As always, telling myself I will document the year better through photos.  Hoping I stick to that idea this time!

Loose fabrics and peekthrough bralettes for the summer with the 30+ degree celsius weather sticking around everyday are becoming a thing for me.  Starting to kind of appreciate hot weather - especially the dry air sort that is here in Calgary.  More of these barely-there pieces of fabric to be added to my little family of them soon, especially knowing that i’ll be returning to the (super)humid and hot weather around Chicago in the next couple weeks. 

Some last minute revisiting of some old favourite Calgary spots before heading out tomorrow to Spain and France.  Finding so much comfort with this whole asymmetric skort and crop top uniform of mine (and continually adding to it in every shade of white/grey/black as well, seriously).   Definitely going to be staples travelling with me this trip.