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A tiny glimpse into the few days I spent in Madrid.  Its amazing to see the contrast of how busy and lively the streets are in the evenings here - certainly a lifestyle I could adapt to.  Spent my few days here admiring the spectacular rooftop patio views, wandering the city, and tasting tapas.  Also visited the Prado Museum, where photos were not permitted, but would not do justice to the artwork there by any means anyway.

More of Spain and Paris to come soon!



View on Lookbook here: WALDORF

All black.  Again.  (My favorite!)

Pulled this belt out from the back of my closet when doing a bit of cleaning! Its actually my belt that I wore for horse shows a couple years back when I used to do horse jumping competitions!  I loved the pattern and color of it though, so i’m super glad it still fits (as a waist belt - no hope in wearing it as a regular belt anymore, unless i’m an 8 year old twig).

Interesting side fact: if you look closely enough, you can see a hint of a scar on my back that happened last year.  Oh, I loved the dorms (thanks detachable ladders!).