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Beach bumming in my favourite boots at the beaches in Valencia before moving onto the arts and sciences complex, which was probably one of the cooleset places.  Wishing the sun was a bit lower while I was there so the photos could properly capture the reflections of the buildings the water (which it was designed to do!).  This place seriously looked like something out of the future.

A tiny glimpse into the few days I spent in Madrid.  Its amazing to see the contrast of how busy and lively the streets are in the evenings here - certainly a lifestyle I could adapt to.  Spent my few days here admiring the spectacular rooftop patio views, wandering the city, and tasting tapas.  Also visited the Prado Museum, where photos were not permitted, but would not do justice to the artwork there by any means anyway.

More of Spain and Paris to come soon!

Some last minute revisiting of some old favourite Calgary spots before heading out tomorrow to Spain and France.  Finding so much comfort with this whole asymmetric skort and crop top uniform of mine (and continually adding to it in every shade of white/grey/black as well, seriously).   Definitely going to be staples travelling with me this trip. 

hoodie c/o frontrowshop

Theres something about having the perfect lounging hoodie to live in that is so comforting.  Up until now i’ve been living in my grey American Apparel hoodie, but this one with the crossover neckline has been taking is place as of late.  Can I also point out how it helps me blend into my white space of soft fabrics and emptiness?  So much comfiness in one place.