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Loose fabrics and peekthrough bralettes for the summer with the 30+ degree celsius weather sticking around everyday are becoming a thing for me.  Starting to kind of appreciate hot weather - especially the dry air sort that is here in Calgary.  More of these barely-there pieces of fabric to be added to my little family of them soon, especially knowing that i’ll be returning to the (super)humid and hot weather around Chicago in the next couple weeks. 

The last set of my selective collection of photos from the recent trip to Europe.  Spent the entire day just walking around Paris and going to cafes and shops and such.  Really loving the clean lines mixed with all the ornate surroundings around the Louvre, and the Parisian walkways by the river (passed through where Taylor Swift’s Begin Again music video was shot!!).  There is such a chill vibe from all the people with drinks and snacks, relaxing and conversing by the river.  Everything here is just so pretty and picturesque.  Can’t wait to return one day.